Gorilla Koko jamt met Red Hot Chili Peppers-bassist Flea

Flea, bassist van de Red Hot Chili Peppers, had vrijdag een bijzondere jamsessie met Gorilla Koko, wellicht bekend van de Gorilla Foundation in Woodside in Californië. Naast jammen kan Koko ook een beetje gebarentaal en kent ze zo’n 2.000 Engelse woorden.

De gorilla heeft nu blijkbaar ook muzikale aanleg. Ze heeft al snel door hoe ze geluid uit de basgitaar van Flea haalt. Voorlopig is Koko nog niet uitgeoefend, ze mag de basgitaar houden.


FemME – Female Metal Event 2016

zwarte-randDe succesvolle tweede editie is pas kort geleden geweest. Toch is het al tijd om aan de derde editie in 2016 te gaan denken. De formule met 2 zalen is goed gebleken en dat zal dus blijven. Het gaat nu plaatsvinden op zaterdag 24 september en zondag 25 september 2016. Voor vrijdagavond 23 september 2016 heft Femme een heel speciaal akoestisch programma in gedachten. Meer hierover later. Met dit alles blijft FemME het grootste Female Metal Event van Nederland en waarschijnlijk ook van Europa. Ook Eindhoven blijft zijn plek als metal city waarmaken want de locatie is weer de Effenaar.


Neurotic Deathfest 2015: Ruud Lemmen

Between april 17th and april 19th this year the 12th edition of Neurotic Deathfest will take place in 013 Tilburg. Neurotic Deathfest is the biggest indoor festival for extreme metal in Europe, with visitors from more than 40 countries. The festival focusses on extreme genres such as death metal, grindcore and sludge. Some of the announcements this year are: Obituary, Bloodbath, Hate Eternal and Nader Sadek. The man behind this festival is Ruud Lemmen. We speak about the festival, his love for extreme music and the future of Neurotic Deathfest.

The 2015 edition will be the 12th edition of the Neurotic Deathfest, that’s a long time. This love for extreme metal music must have started somewhere, can you remember the first album that you bought?
Wow, that’s a hard question. I think that the first metal album was the Creeping Death/Jump In The Fire split CD. And I think my grandmother gave me that one for christmas when I was around 10 years old. At that time I was already taping cassettes with the louder songs that came on the radio late at night, swapping cassettes with the few other outcasts on our school that were into metal. I also stayed up way way way past my bedtime on sunday nights to watch Headbangers Ball on MTV. Obviously, you don’t start out with going from nothing to the most extreme death metal record out there, you get there gradually. So it went from Metallica to Sepultura’s ‚Beneath The Remains‘, to the early nineties death metal acts on Earache Records and so on. It’s quite a passion, and for years I listened to nothing else but extreme music. My mother just recently thanked me for all those wonderful years of loud music coming down from my basement bedroom haha. Nowadays I listen to a variety of musical styles, but it’s always the more alternative music styles though.

You started with Neurotic Deathfest in 2004, it has changed in various ways since then (other venues, more bands etc.) but it still exists. What do you think is the success factor for your festival?
One of the success factors has to be that I always believed in it. I wanted to do this, so I had the determination to do it and follow through with every step along the way. Going from one to more days, going from smaller, to bigger venues, to ultimately end up in the 013 club. Another strong point of the festival is that we gather a great amount of bands together from all over the world. From old school unknown acts, reunions, well established acts and bands from far away countries that you never get to see on a proper stage in Europe. Together this builds a community, and this on itself creates a unique atmosphere on the festival. Thousands of likeminded people from all over the world sharing their love for death metal and everything related.

Looking back at all the previous editions, can you share what stood out for you most?
Well, so many years, so many stories really. A few things that stood out to me personally were the first time Devourment got to perform, a longtime favorite. The first time Carcass performed after their reunion. Having the first European show ever in the career of Terrorizer on our festival was special. Too much to mention really. But the absolute best personal highlight is the smile that comes to my face when I see all those people from all those different countries returning each and every year. The support and dedication of the fans traveling from Japan to Tilburg, Australia and all countries in between is overwhelming.

Is it hard to keep innovating when you are operating in a niche like this? Is there enough going on in the sector to keep coming up with new bands, new genres etc.?
It will always remain a festival dealing with death metal in all its forms and styles related to this. For an outsider this might look like a festival that repeats itself, but looking from within this niche, there is enough variation going on to keep the line-up fresh and vibrant every year. An old school death metal act, a technical death metal act, a porngrind act, a powerviolence act, and so on.

You have announced quite a lot of bands already for 2015. Any bands that you personally want to see?
I would like to see most of the bands perform, but unfortunately I only get to see a handful myself each year. Looking at the bands we already announced I hope I get to take a moment to watch Dead Congregation, my friends of Immolation and Disavowed and obviously Obituary. But if you ask me this question again tomorrow, I would probably name Nader Sadek, Pyrexia, Soulburn or Tribulation. The day after I would probably mention Devourment, Benighted, Bloodbath or Internal Bleeding. So yes, too many bands I would like to see!

It’s still a couple of months until Neurotic Deathfest 2015 takes place. Are there more announcements to come?
There are about 15 more acts to be announced. Small underground favorites and bigger more established acts still to come. So keep checking www.neuroticdeathfest.com and join up on the facebook community to get the latest news!
Neurotic Deathfest wil take place between april 17th and april 19th in 013 Tilburg. Tickets are available on www.neuroticdeathfest.com and www.013.nl. Announcements so far include: Hate Eternal, Obituary, Immolation, Bloodbath, Nader Sadek, Devourment and Broken Hope. See the Neurotic Deathfest website for the complete line-up.

Tickets voor Neurotic Deathfest zijn nu verkrijgbaar.
1-dag tickets voor vrijdag (€ 45,00) en zaterdag of zondag (€ 50,00),
2-dagen tickets voor vrijdag en zaterdag (€ 85,00) en zaterdag en zondag (€ 90,00),  3-dag tickets (€ 95,00)
Alle prijzen zijn exclusief servicekosten.

Of doe mee met de prijsvraag:
Win 2x2 combitickets voor Neurotic Deathfest in 013, Tilburg

Spellenspektakel 2014

Nu de dagen korter en kouder worden, worden binnen activiteiten weer aantrekkellijker. Tijd voor spelletjes! Bij Large.nl is daarom het toch al gave aanbod onlangs uitgebreid met bordspellen. Ook erg leuk om ideeën op te doen, is het Spellenspektakel wat dit weekend werd georganiseerd. En ik heb dit evenement natuurlijk een bezoekje gebracht voor DumeeGamer.com