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The suffocating darkness - Soulburn CD

The suffocating darkness SoulburnCD

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GenreDeath Metal
EditieSpecial Edition
Verkrijgbaar sinds 14.11.2014

Originally SOULBURN was formed after the interim death of the Dutch death metal legend 'Asphyx' in the middle of the 90's, when the founding members Eric Daniels (guitar) and Bob Bagchus (drums) searched for a new way of playing to indulge in their passion for Bathory, Venom, Celtic Frost and primeval death metal. After a demo and the iconic album "Feeding On Angles" with Wannes Gubbles (Pentacle) as a singer/bass player, SOULBURN was put on hold and seemed to be a pure transitional formation, which lead to the brief come back of 'Asphyx' in the same line-up and the "On The Wings Of Inferno" album in 2000.

SOULBURN was dead, buried, but not forgotten...

And now, 16 years after the debut album, the jet-black death metal fleet is coming back to life, with a slightly changed line-up, which at the core consists of Eric Daniels (guitar) and Bob Bagchus (drums), supported by Twan van Geel (Flesh Made Sin, Legion Of The Damned) as a singer/bass player and Remco Kreft (Grand Supreme Blood Court, Nailgun Massacre, Xenomorph) as a second guitar player.

SOULBURNS second studio album "The Suffocating Darkness" unites once again all the strengths of the band . The album was recorded by Harry Wijering (Harrow Productions), mixed and mastered by Dan Swanö (Unisound Recordings) and the artwork is by Timo Ketola as well as Roberto Toderico.


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