MTV unplugged "Unter Dampf - ohne Strom"

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The MTV Unplugged "Unter Dampf - Ohne Strom" comes as a Blu-ray including the entire concert, the final rehearsal (a special fan concert), as well as the bonus material "Hinter den Kulissen".

At the beginning of October Unheilig together with an orchestra recorded in a unique setting in Hamburg Studio under the title of "Unter Dampf - Ohne Strom" an MTV Unplugged album with a breath taking musical sound. At this concert 'Der Graf' played a cross section of the releases spanning 16 years of band history in front of a few select fans, and also the yet unreleased song "Einer von Millionen", a new track from the Gipfelstürmer era.

As with all MTV Unplugged sessions, Unheilig was supported by many featured artists. The Graf together with Alea der Bescheidene of Saltatio Mortis and Thomas Linder of Schandmaul broke the first ground with a powerful rock track. Duets with Helene Fischer and Cassandra Steen brought some very soft and emotional accents onto the small stage. This production meets the musical requirements and challenge of giving new facets to the known songs with flying colours. "Ohne Dampf - Ohne Strom", an acoustic farewell gift with moving songs, acutely presented. Unheilig songs in a new, very special recording.


Artikelnr. 322939
Sexe Unisex
Muziekgenre Gothic Rock
Exclusief Nee
Mediaformaat 1-3 Blu-ray
Artikelonderwerp Bands
live Ja
Band Unheilig
Producttype Blu-ray
Acteurs Unheilig
Releasedatum 11-12-2015
Sexe Unisex
1. Unter deiner Flagge (MTV Unplugged) 2. Mein Berg (MTV Unplugged) 3. Freiheit (MTV Unplugged) 4. Sage ja (MTV Unplugged) 5. Astronaut (MTV Unplugged) 6. Einer von Millionen (MTV Unplugged) 7. Herz aus Eis (MTV Unplugged) 8. An deiner Seite (MTV Unplugged) 9. Eisenmann (MTV Unplugged) 10. Glück auf das Leben (MTV Unplugged) 11. Mein Stern (MTV Unplugged) 12. Zeitreise (MTV Unplugged) 13. So wie du warst (MTV Unplugged) 14. Lichter der Stadt (MTV Unplugged) 15. Die Weisheiten des Lebens (MTV Unplugged) 16. Wie in guten alten Zeiten (MTV Unplugged) 17. Goldene Zeiten (MTV Unplugged) 18. Geboren um zu leben (MTV Unplugged) 19. Grosse Freiheit (MTV Unplugged) 20. Der Vorhang fällt (MTV Unplugged) 21. Für mich soll's rote Rosen regnen (MTV Unplugged) 22. Zeit zu gehen (MTV Unplugged) 23. Unter Freunden - Die Generalprobe 24. Making Of - Hinter den Kulissen 25. Menü - MTV Unplugged "Unter Dampf - Ohne Strom" (Bluray Disc)

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