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Artikelnr. 392264
Sexe Unisex
Muziekgenre Hard Rock
Mediaformaat 1-3 3-LP & 2-CD
Artikelonderwerp Bands
Band Magnum
Producttype LP
Releasedatum 14-12-2018
Disc 1
1. When we were younger (Live) 2. Back street kid (Live) 3. Out of the shadows (Live) 4. Like brothers we stand (Live) 5. How far Jerusalem (Live) 6. Dragons are real (Live)
Disc 2
1. All England's Eyes (Live) 2. Vigilante (Live) 3. Kingdom of madness (Live) 4. Intro (Live) 5. Days of no trust (Live) 6. Wild swan (Live) 7. Start talking love (Live) 8. One step away (Live)
Disc 3
1. Must have been love (Live) 2. Different worlds (Live) 3. Pray for the day (Live) 4. Don't wake the lion (Live) 5. Sacred hour (Live)