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Artikelnr. 670411
Sexe Unisex
Muziekgenre Industrial
Exclusief Nee
Mediaformaat 1-3 DVD
Artikelonderwerp Bands
duur 210
Band Rammstein
Producttype DVD
Acteurs Rammstein
Releasedatum 01-12-2003
Bevat videoclips en live opnames in PCM stereo.
Disc 1
1. DU RIECHST SO GUT (VIDEO) 2. SEEMANN (VIDEO) 3. RAMMSTEIN (VIDEO) 4. ENGEL (VIDEO) 5. DU HAST (VIDEO) 6. DU RIECHST SO GUT [98] (VIDEO) 7. STRIPPED (VIDEO) 8. SONNE (VIDEO) 9. LINKS 2 3 4 (VIDEO) 10. ICH WILL (Enhanced Video) 11. MUTTER (VIDEO) 12. FEUER FREI! (VIDEO) 13. HERZELEID (Live/ 1996 Germany/ Berlin) 14. SEEMAN (Live/ 1996 Germany/ Berlin) 15. SPIEL MIT MIR (Live/ 1997 Germany/ Düsseldorf) 16. HEIRATE MICH (Live/ 1998 Germany/ Rock Am Ring) 17. DU HAST (Live/ 1998 Germany/ Rock Am Ring) 18. SEHNSUCHT (Live/ 1998 Germany/ Berlin) 19. WEISSES FLEISCH (Live/ 2001 Australien/ Sydney) 20. ASCHE ZU ASCHE (Live/ 2001 Australien/ Sydney) 21. ICH WILL (Live/ 2001 Germany/ Berlin) 22. LINKS 2 3 4 (Live/ 2001 Germany/ Berlin) 23. DU HAST (MAKING OF) 24. DU RIECHST SO GUT (MAKING OF '98) 25. SONNE (MAKING OF) 26. LINKS 2 3 4 (MAKING OF) 27. ICH WILL (MAKING OF) 28. ACHTUNG BLITZKRIEG! (TV Spot) 29. DU HAST (TV Spot) 30. LINKS 2 3 4 (TV Spot) 31. MUTTER (TV Spot)
Large crew

The first anthology of the Berlin quintet. Of course, as usual for Rammstein, in monumental size and with an extra portion style: no less than 210 minutes of footage from the 10 years history including all videos (from "Du riechst so gut", "Engel" and "Stripped" to "Feuer frei!"), plenty of live-takes from Germany and abroad (Berlin to Sydney) and not at least a lot of bonus material. Like the making of's for many clips, TV-trailers and interview-sequences. A package that impressively underpins why Rammstein are one of the few German bands with international success. Just because they have their very own, unique esthetics, because they live their vision in picture and tone and because they have an original concept that isn't reduced to shocking the listeners. Rammstein are much more a fiesta for the senses. That's what you understand with this DVD which optically and sound-wise is a true revelation. "Lichtspielhaus" is more than an appetizer for the upcoming album - it's a masterpiece in itself.